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Monday, May 04, 2009

Beef Short Ribs, Guinness Braised

5 lbs of beef short ribs
one large onion, finely diced
bacon grease
two bottles of Guinness Stout
celery heart/leaves intact
three bay leaves
1 small can of diced tomatoes
fresh cracked pepper
1 cup chix broth

Rub in the salt and cracked pepper into short ribs, which have been patted dry. Brown all sides of the short ribs in hot bacon grease in a dutch oven, and set aside. Discard grease but leave browned bits in dutch oven. Wilt the onion in the hot pan, then pour in the tomatoes, add the ribs back into the pot, and add the bay leaves, celery leaves, chicken broth, and Guinness, lower to simmer and cook covered for an hour. Bones should be loose in ribs; if not, cook longer. Remove beef from dutch oven and set aside. Remove and discard bay leaves and celery. Cool contents of dutch oven. Skim off all fat. Reduce liquid with medium heat to about 1/3 their volume. Debone ribs and add back to pot. Simmer at very low heat at least 90 more minutes, covered. Serve with egg noodles or potatoes.

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